Monday, May 4, 2009

2 Months

Today is 2 months since my dog J passed away. I've been keeping this picture to myself, but its too charming a smile not share.
This is from last Christmas. Those are my brother's feet. You can tell how happy he is to be around his family. Here's another pic from Christmas.
I forgot his customary Christmas antlers and jinglers so we settled for decorating him with ribbons from opened presents.

I intended to put a post out on April 1st, his birthday, but it was too rough a day for me. I had the day off and took him, well his ashes, to the park. Thought it would be cathartic, and it was. Here he is on a bench at the park.


Palm Springs Savant said...

Tom, this is very sweet. It is so tough to deal with, but sounds like you have the right attitude. I was just telling Michelle the other day at work how much I miss Koshimi, but have grown to love Sheldon so much, in a different way. As a side note, I'm working on something for you that you have enquired about ;-)

Kristen & Richard said...

Hi Tom!
I can tell in your blog how much you miss Jay. I truly missed him also when I left PETCO. He was my best neighbor, and you too. My cubicle buddy that I love feeding treats to.
Our dog BAILEY will be 3 in Dec and our daughter Sierra will dearly miss him whenever his time is up. We had to put him in the kennel when we were vacationing for 5 days and she balled in tears because she thought we were leaving him behind for good.
Hope all is well your way and I'm jealous you are living in the city I used to live in before San Diego.
Take Care,