Thursday, November 22, 2007

too long

Wow, the past three months have been a blur. Working for a start-up company is quite an experience. I realize now that there are so many things you take for granted working for an established company. However, I am excited to say that we are open and trading at 13 total locations spread out between LA, OC, and SD.

You can see more about us on our website

We've definitely had our growing pains, but managed to open to rave reviews. The amount of press we've had is impressive, and most of it very positive.

Well that's it for now, hope y'all haven't given up on me entirely!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Dog Park

Dog parks have become a wonderful aspect of urban and suburban life for many dog lovers. The chance to see your friend running around and playing with other dogs is a joy. This is especially true in urban areas which lack the open space where dogs can be taken to run and enjoy an open environment.

Dog parks that I have visited are also social institutions where pet parents can sociallize with each other. Dogs make tremendous ice-breakers!

Back in San Diego I would occasionally visit Kearney Mesa dog park. Located near Mesa College, I would frequently umpire at the adjacent field and take J over to run a round in between games and afterwards.

Here in Redondo Beach I am fortunate (by design) to have a dog park less than a block away! (X marks home.)
Redondo Beach Dog Park <> is a large park with seperate, enclosed areas for small (blue outline) and large dogs (red outline). This large dog area is roughly 50-60 yards wide and 300 yards long, providing lots of space for dozens of dogs to run and play.

Like most evenings we went over there today. Some pictures:

Oh Boy!

Here we come!



Sunday, August 12, 2007

Logo contest continued

Newest entry:

Inspired by our BPL, composed by me :)

In case you miss him

J pic for the day:

I love food!

OK OK I have been pretty negligent of my blog lately, July was a crazy month for me. Glad to know your'all checking though :)

Topics can be tought to come up with, but here's a recent highlight:

Phuket Thai! (I prefer the improper pronounciation) and they deliver!

I discovered them from a local shopper guide that is delivererd to addresses around here. I decided to order:
12. PO PIA – Fresh spring roll


74. TOOW HOO KRA TIAM-Garlic Tofu

Oh so tasty!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A room of my own

I am thrilled to say that the apartment search is over. I signed a rental agreement last Friday for my first choice place. I will be enjoying the cool ocean breezes of Redondo Beach. Just over a mile to the water and a short commute to work. But the best thing is, a short walk to the dog park!!! Hooray puppy dog!

Monday, July 9, 2007

logo contest

There is a contest to make creative use of the company logo, here are my entries.

Grown man does cry

At least this one does. Every time "I Need You" comes on the radio I lose it.

I need you like water
Like breath, like rain
I need you like mercy
From Heaven's gate

As you might guess I left J with mom in SD again, thought he would be happier going to class and visiting with the kids than being alone in an apartment all day.
I just realized that I don't have enough pictures of him. Didn't really need pics with him by my side constantly for the past 5 years. :)

I can never get enough of the rein-dog pictures, he-he.

Yours truly, captain pathetic.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is nice, completely furnished with full kitchen, 2 tvs, dvd player, and a nice spot to put my computer by the balcony.

I have no idea what they think anyone would do with all the closet space...

Most importantly J is doing well!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wood Ducks

In the Hacienda Court of the Hotel there is a koi pond that also is the home for four wood ducks. Their accomodations are of course called the Duck Suites. You can kind of make them out in the picture (I think I need a new camera).

Naturally this piqued my curiousity, here are some facts about wood ducks. They are also called carolina ducks and are a little smaller than mallards. They live year round in East Texas but also migrate to Northern states in the USA as well as the West Coast.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today's Picture's

I can see the planes take off from my balcony.

Can you believe it, gas for just $3.05.

Monday, June 25, 2007

First Day - Part 3

Well I knew it was coming, but it still hit me pretty hard at the end of the day. I miss my dog. We spend so much time together that is that much odder when we're apart. I made sure to get two seperate updates from mom on his well being and day's activities. He went to summer school with mom and was naturally a big hit with the kids and and the principal.

Last I heard he was busy hogging space on mom's bed and somehow managing to not aggravate the cats. Here is an old picture of him.

He's such a good boy!

First Day - Part 2

Magic Monday!

Yes, thats what we call the new employee orientation here at Tesco. We met at the super secret mock store location in &%^$#@&. This blog will self desctruct in 5 minutes. OK maybe not. A few of the executives talked to us about the company's vision. The British accents are marvelous! Very entertaining speakers, and great to hear their enthusiasm. We got to see the concept store. Very clean design, easy shopping, I can't wait till we open local stores, people are going to really like us.

Unfortuantely there was a mix-up with the coroporate housing. I expected to check in today, but instead am in a hotel. A rather nicer one than last night at that. Embassy Suites, adjacent to LAX, complete with mini-bar and balcony.

Hauling the desktop through the lobby was a little odd, but wanted to have access to the internet so ther you go!

First Day - Part 1

Sunday wa a little hectic with getting ready and a family dinner. We celebrated my mom's birthday at Las Olas in Cardiff. I had a shrimp chimichanga, which was good. Hit the road about 8PM and had an uneventful drive. Arrived at the Hawthorne Days Inn at 10PM. Actually managed to get afew hour of sleep. As it was just a place to crash for a few hours, I wasnt looking for anything special. I got what I was looking for. charming view from my window:

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Last Day - Part 3

I think I pulled off the best farewell email ever! (highly biased opinion)


Well it’s been a nice ride, but I have chosen to move on. Today is my last day here at PETCO. So after seven marvelous years it is time to say farewell.

As you retake the leadership of pet specialty, don’t forget to be there, choose your attitude, make their day, and my favorite: play!

So long, and thanks for all the fish!
Tom Hauck

PS, I don’t think that you have to worry about a hyperspatial express route. ;-)

Last Day - Part Two

Its funny how little things become poignanat when its your last time.

Like the lunch room, no other corporate office has a aquatic reef mural on the wall.

After many goodbyes and and housecleaning and dithering it was finally time to say goodbye.
I left a bunch of reference material and only a small mess in the cubicle I called "home". The eleventh cube of my career at Petco that is, somehow I seemed to move every six months or so.

Last Day - Last Walk

Bittersweet is definitely the word. Many goodbyes and a cube to clear out. I didn't leave until 6PM. but before I did I was able to enjoy a few "lasts".

Last dog walk. I used my morning and afternon 10 minutes to take a lap around th building with J. I'll miss being able to get out and stretch my legs with my buddy. Some nice views and idiosyncracies.

The building itself has made a place in my memories with its ivy and the assorted views while circling it.

I think I'll miss all the open space in SD.

The hawks made an appearance on my last walk. They are frequently in the tree behind the building, and I enjoyed seeing them regularly.

Coundown days 4, 3

Well lunches on Thursday and Friday were nothing to talk about so thats why this is a three day belated make-up post.

I had high hopes for Thursday as I went to my favorite Thai food place to get the best spinach tufu in garlic sauce ever! Unfortunately they were out of spinach, so sad. So after years of never disappointing, Cal Thai Cafe finally let me down.

Friday was just a blur, ended up grabbing Sushi Hut lava roll combo, which was fine. Oh well, nothing fancy whaddya gonna do.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Countdown day 5 - Belated

Rubios for lunch on Wednesday :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Countdown day 6

Yoshi Sushi Lunch:
Sashimi Salad
Stuffed Tomato
Oh No! Roll
Sticy Tuna Tempura Roll
Yellowtail Ngiri
Stuffed Tomato (yes another one)

Much thanks to the vendor analysts for treating me!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Countdown Day 7

One week left till I start the new job. I think this week is going to fly by. Last week kind of dragged a little.

I've been giving a lot of though to my lunch plans for the week. The important things right!
  • Monday: Indian Tandoor - has been a weekly tradition for me for some time, sometimes I go there 2 times a week I like their food so much. I inquired and unfortunately they do not have any locations in L.A. Oh well. They were a bit perplexed as was telling them that I was moving - I got the "who is this crazy guy" look that I have become quite accustomed to. :-) I got my usual: #2 lunch special to go.
  • Tuesday: Yoshi Sushi - planned lunch with the other vendor analysts. One of my favorites over the years, used to be a payday Friday tradition, but not so much recently.
  • Wednesday: I'm thinking maybe Rubios, but I have not copmpletely decided yet.
  • Thursday: I have to get one more trip to Cal Thai Cafe in. We'll see.
  • Friday: Pho Viet Cali perhaps, not quite as attached to this one, Karl Strauss is another thought.

Well thats the plan for now.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The sleeper must awaken

Watched Dune (the movie) last night so I could get the quote right, so here goes:

A person needs new experiences.
They jar something inside us.
Without change something sleeps inside us,
and seldom awakens.
The sleeper must awaken.

so there you go :)


There are houses and there are homes. The difference is profound. I have lived in a number of different houses accross San Diego County over the past 20 years, but it has been Del Mar that I have called home for all these years. I doubt that will ever change.

I was lucky to live in this particular house for a few years. It was always such a treat for the few months each Spring when the wisteria would bloom.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sweet Suite

Another highlight to my Petco days would have to be the first trip to the suite at the ballpark. Situated right next to the owners box and nicely appointed, I called it my nirvana.

And what a view!

Our performance of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" made it on the jumbotron!

Assorted hijinks

I though it would be fun to start recapping some of my work related hijinks before I hit the rode.

What better way to start than with the best dog in the world (currently a 7,869,263-way tie I believe).

Here we see him enjoying some birthday cupcake. What a blast, bring the dogs to work and invite all the other dogs and their pet parents out for a little doggy birthday party!

One of my fondest memories has to be opening day at Petco Park in 2004 the inaugural season. We shut down the office early to have a big pep rally on the (now gone) lawn in front of the annexes. From there we loaded into buses and headed downtown!

lil'seester still worked and I were both at petco at the time and we managed to get tickets together, good ones too! Toyota Terrace oh my! Here we are on the bus.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was pretty sweet.

I will never forget that first impression of entering the ballpark.

And best of all we were able to celebrate a victory!

Brief intro

In honor of my impending move and career change, I have decided to start posting my experiences here. It has been a grand time living in San Diego these past 20 years and working for Petco these past 7 years. But its time to move on. Change is good, change inspires us. Let the sleeper awaken!