Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Dog Park

Dog parks have become a wonderful aspect of urban and suburban life for many dog lovers. The chance to see your friend running around and playing with other dogs is a joy. This is especially true in urban areas which lack the open space where dogs can be taken to run and enjoy an open environment.

Dog parks that I have visited are also social institutions where pet parents can sociallize with each other. Dogs make tremendous ice-breakers!

Back in San Diego I would occasionally visit Kearney Mesa dog park. Located near Mesa College, I would frequently umpire at the adjacent field and take J over to run a round in between games and afterwards.

Here in Redondo Beach I am fortunate (by design) to have a dog park less than a block away! (X marks home.)
Redondo Beach Dog Park <> is a large park with seperate, enclosed areas for small (blue outline) and large dogs (red outline). This large dog area is roughly 50-60 yards wide and 300 yards long, providing lots of space for dozens of dogs to run and play.

Like most evenings we went over there today. Some pictures:

Oh Boy!

Here we come!



Sunday, August 12, 2007

Logo contest continued

Newest entry:

Inspired by our BPL, composed by me :)

In case you miss him

J pic for the day:

I love food!

OK OK I have been pretty negligent of my blog lately, July was a crazy month for me. Glad to know your'all checking though :)

Topics can be tought to come up with, but here's a recent highlight:

Phuket Thai! (I prefer the improper pronounciation) and they deliver!

I discovered them from a local shopper guide that is delivererd to addresses around here. I decided to order:
12. PO PIA – Fresh spring roll


74. TOOW HOO KRA TIAM-Garlic Tofu

Oh so tasty!